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On a slightly more upbeat tone, both Laura and I are really enjoying our honeymoon.

A Public Apology from James

As those of you who were at the wedding breakfast, and others that were likely co-opted later, know my gifts for my best man, Matthew, and the ushers, Phil and Liam, had a slight "interactive" element to them. One of the elements of the stag-do was a trip to Bletchley Park and so I thought I would test the boys out by getting them to decode something in order to be able to open their gifts.

I was under the impression that I had supplied everything that they needed and had encoded the message correctly. However, it turns out that I had made a couple of mistakes in the setup.

As a result, I feel the need to offer a public apology to Matthew, Phil and Liam (and probably Helen, Amy and Lou as well) for setting them an unfair challenge.

I hope that, given time, you will forgive me.

In the meantime:




Thank you!!

Thank you sooooo much to everyone who shared our amazing special day. James and I had an amazing time and wished it could have gone on forever. Except for needing a new pair of feet and the fact that in less than an hour we are being collected for our honeymoon.

We have managed to open most of our cards and cannot express our love of them all, with all their kind words. We are looking forward to reading them again on our return as well as looking at our gift list for which people have been so generous.

Photos are starting to appear in the gallery so please keep them coming!

Official ones to follow soon.

All our love and best wishes.

Laura & James Hodgson

Invites all sent!

Both Laura and I have been really thrilled that our invites are now sent and should be landing on door mats!

We were so fortunate to find bellybuttonboo, and Claire and Emma were great in listening to us about the things we liked / disliked and came up with some fantastic designs. The hard part was choosing which one we wanted!

We hope that you like them too! - and they show a flavour of things through our special day.

Don't forget that you can send responses via e-mail / website instead.

Gift List

All we ask is that you can be a part of our special day. However, if you would like to buy us something to celebrate our marriage, we have a gift list with John Lewis. The reference number isĀ 574891

However, it does not go live for a while. This page will be updated when it does go live.

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